What’s the Best Way to Learn Spanish on Your Own?

Best Way to Learn Spanish on Your Own

We asked 11 of the top Spanish language teachers (experts) to answer the following question, “What’s the Best Way to Learn Spanish on Your Own?”  What follows is a list of their responses in a few short paragraphs.  Many have a common theme and I am sure you will notice it right away.Almost all of our …

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11 Best Spanish YouTubers for Intermediates and Advanced Learners

Best Spanish YouTubers intermediates

Have you gotten to the point where you can listen and understand (most of the time) Spanish spoken on TV or the radio?  I waste spend a good portion of my day watching YouTube videos to learn new things, be entertained, or at times to simply de-stress after a long work day. Want to read at …

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7 Best Spanish Learning Podcasts (No Matter Your Level)

Best Spanish Podcasts

What are some of your favorite ways to learn Spanish?   Personally, I love speaking Spanish with natives and hearing the language being spoken. That implies watching Spanish TV shows or movies and listening to Spanish Podcasts.  Over time, you can pick up how the pronunciation is spoken and the different phrases that only native speakers use.Listening …

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11 Fun Facts About The Spanish Language [Infographic]

Fun Facts About Spanish

Learning Spanish has changed my life these past 4 years.  I have met so many incredible people (most importantly my wife) and traveled and seen some truly majestic places.  Our hope here are Spanishland School is that it changes yours too. That’s one of the reasons why we put together the below infographic with 11 interesting facts about …

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15 Most Useful Spanish Phrases for Travelers

Spanish Phrases for Travelers

Traveling the world can be such an amazing experience. Once you see new sights and speak with new people you walk away with experiences you will never forget.  It’s fun, enlightening, and slightly addictive! But what do you do when you want to visit a country that doesn’t speak English? My recommendation is that you learn …

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How Long Does It Take to Be Fluent in Spanish?

How Long Does It Take to Be Fluent in Spanish

There is a reason why so many people don’t speak more than one language. It’s not because they don’t want to.  It is because learning a language is so unbelievably difficult.   That is why so many people give up trying. But I believe anyone can learn a language if they have the will to. I …

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7 Best Ways To Learn Spanish (Like a Pro)

Best Ways To Learn Spanish

How long have you had “learn Spanish” on your bucket list? Chances are for far too long.  I had the desire to learn Spanish for quite awhile but it wasn’t until I got bored with my job and traveled to Argentina for 6 weeks that I finally regrouped and decided it was time to take …

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The 11 Best Spanish Movies Of All Time

Best Spanish Movies

Watching Spanish movies is one of the most fun ways to learn a language.  When you watch a movie, you are relaxed, which makes it easier for your brain to capture and retain words and phrases. But you also must make sure you aren’t just passively listening and not retaining the information.Get the Simple PDF …

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10 Things I Learned While Becoming Fluent in Spanish

Becoming Fluent in Spanish

Preface: This is the story of how learning Spanish has changed my life forever and how I think it will change yours also (if it hasn’t yet). I believe it is worth getting to the higher levels of language fluency and I hope this will give you motivation to keep pressing forward. If you stick around until …

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7 Best Spanish TV Shows to Learn Spanish

Best Spanish TV Shows

Do you have access to Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube?  I would reckon so if you are reading this article. We all have such a vast amount of excellent free or low cost resources at our disposal in this digital world that we now live in. Want the simple Comparison Charts of the Top 11 Spanish …

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