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Weekly YouTube Videos For Intermediate Spanish Students

We release fun new Spanish YouTube videos each week (in Spanish) focused on helping Intermediate and Advanced Spanish students.

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Podcasts in Spanish Focused on Gradual Improvement

We have two Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate and Advanced students. The Españolistos Podcast is fun and conversational while the Spanishland School Podcast provides Intermediates with 10-minute tips. Search through the topics below:


Exclusive Spanish Teaching & Training

We frequently hold Spanish live trainings, challenges, and listening exercises just for those in our Spanishland community.

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Rachelle Lappinen - Massachusetts, USA

Before this class, I was struggling to read Winny the Pooh in Spanish, and I gave up on ever attempt to read Harry Potter.

After this seven week summer intensive class, I can now read Harry Potter and Jane Austen in Spanish, and pick out subjunctive tenses.

Adam Jason - Houston, USA

Spanishland's conversations make sense of the Spanish language, and are a much more enjoyable way of learning the language than trying to memorize a million rules and names of tenses.

Rachael Testimonial

Rachel Williams - Tunisia

Andrea is a great teacher. She is flexible and knowledgeable both in Spanish and in English.

Her level of English makes learning difficult concepts even easier. Once she realizes what her students need, she varies her lessons to meet their goals.

Don't Forget: 11 Best Ways to Learn Spanish...

Through lots of research and personal experience, we compiled a list of the top ways to learn Spanish.

Very few of these cost money and a couple have a minimal cost. Learn something new...

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Spanishland School exists to train Intermediate and Advanced Spanish language learners in a fun and diverse way. We do that through fun and engaging classes, videos, podcasts, article, worksheets, and other usual materials focused on helping you the Spanish student. 

It's time to move beyond studying ineffectively for hours at a time. It's time to start thinking like a native. Piensa Como Nativo.

Un gran abrazo,

Nate & Andrea

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