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verbos reflexivos

Verbos Reflexivos – Todo Lo Que Necesitas Saber

By Nate Alger | Blog

Hoy en día es muy común prepararse para enfrentar el día que nos espera y, para eso, necesitamos una serie de actividades diarias.Más y más publicaciones aseguran que cepillarse el pelo con frecuencia, aplicarse crema hidratante todas las noches o lavarse el cuerpo con productos naturales son solo una parte de una vida sana.Want to […]

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saber vs. conocer

Saber vs. Conocer Rules | Practical Tips & Examples

By Victoria | Blog

Have you  ever heard this eye-rolling phrase that plagues the Spanish language: “it depends on the context”? Well, this is one of those moments. Only this time, the contexts are pretty clear, with little room for overlapping, yay!The English language is, for this purpose, blissfully concise. The verb ‘to know’ is used for all the circumstances […]

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Spanish Phrases for Travelers

15 Most Useful Spanish Phrases for Travelers

By Nate Alger | Blog

Traveling the world can be such an amazing experience. Once you see new sights and speak with new people you walk away with experiences you will never forget. It’s fun, enlightening, and slightly addictive!But what do you do when you want to visit a country that doesn’t speak English? My recommendation is that you learn […]

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