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Membership & Courses

Learn about all the different things that we offer along with links to useful resources.

Parcero Membership

Spanishland School offers a monthly Spanish membership for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish students.

Inside the membership, we provide weekly live teaching from Andrea, exclusive videos, dialogues, and even a special Parcero Podcast just for our students. We even have small group speaking opportunities.

It's all available at an affordable monthly price. Learn more here.

Subjunctive Made Easy Audio Course

With the help of fellow Spanish teacher and friend, Pedro García, we created an interactive audio course for Intermediate students. The course is all taught through spoken Spanish audio lessons.

Throughout the 15 lessons you will learn everything about the present subjunctive & present perfect subjunctive. All of the teaching is in clearly spoken Spanish and all lessons are downloadable and streamable on your device.

Even better, each audio includes a full transcript! Learn more here.




Conversational Spanish Classes

Practice your Spanish with affordable 30-minute or 1 hour speaking calls with Diana, Delkin, or Paula.

The classes are completely in Spanish so we recommend that you are at an Intermediate level or above to participate. We also host small group calls with 2 other students.

Learn more & book your first call here.

Membership & Courses

Come join us inside the Parcero Membership as Andrea teaches through 8 structured lessons each month, along with weekly live teaching, & exclusive Parcero Podcast.

Subjunctive Made Easy

Do you struggle with the Spanish Subjunctive? Learn from our subjunctive audio course taught by 2 native Spanish teachers (spoken mainly in Spanish). 

Bajo Audio Series

Improve your listening comprehension with our Bajo el Sol del Verano audio series with a unique 14-episode Spanish story spoken by native Latin American speakers.

Conversational Calls

Get your Spanish speaking practice in with 30-minute speaking calls from Diana, a native Colombian Spanish teacher. Intermediate and above.

Learn how to utilize active listening in your Spanish listening routine with this short free mini-course. Included are simple downloadable materials.

This is a special package of 7 natural Spanish dialogues spoken by native Spanish speakers. Each dialogue ranges from 3-8 minutes long and includes a transcript with fill-in-the-blanks along with the translation into English.

"I found Spanishland School's Dialogues to be very helpful in my journey to achieve fluency. First of all, it really helps develop that all-important listening comprehension. This is often a huge struggle for a lot of us. In addition, each episode focuses on a specific grammatical structure. This allows us to experience examples of each grammar point in a natural, conversational way. I highly recommend it!"

Josh Powell

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Learn the simple 7-Step framework for how you can start implementing active listening into your weekly study routine.

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What some of our student have to say...

I have learned more in my 9 months in Spanishland School than I have learned in years using other resources including formal classes!

Victoria Schindler

I feel like I've learned more and improved listening comprehension faster in the last 2 months than bumbling around for the past 2 years.

Jason Bakewell

Españolistos is the best Spanish podcast I've found. I like that the topics vary and appreciate the interviews to hear other accents, as well.

Alyssa Finke