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What's Spanishland School All About?

Spanishland School

Spanishland School exists to equip Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Language learners with all the tips, tools, and training to level up your Spanish fluency.

Ultimately, in order to become fluent you must move beyond just understanding Spanish and must actually "Piensa Como Nativo" (our motto).

When you see yourself thinking like a Native you find that your aren't making the same continual Gringo mistakes.  You will start using actual Spanish phrases that come naturally with the clarity and comprehension that makes you sound like a native.

We strive to provide you with the most relevant, most important information so that you can make your language learning a success.

Not only that, we want you to have fun doing it!  That's why we have incorporated a diverse range of content and material for you to digest in the way that suits you best.

Spanishland School is primarily led by Latin American Spanish extraordinaire, Andrea Alger.

Who's Andrea You Might Ask?

About Andrea

<<====As mentioned above, Andrea ​is the primary teacher here at Spanishland School.  She has literally taught hundreds of Spanish language learners in thousands of lessons throughout her career.

To put it nicely, she knows her stuff. :)​ Andrea knows how to tailor the teaching exactly to what the student needs most.

Rather than lay out a bunch of facts on Andrea, we decided it would probably be best to just create an Infographic (check it out to the left) with some quick facts on Andrea.

We think you will come to like Andrea's fun and engaging teaching style.

Spanish Language Content

We believe there is much to be learned through auido and video so for that reason we are committed to publishing new Youtube Spanish teaching videos (approximately 8-15 minutes) at least twice a week.

If you prefer just listening to the tips we have created Podcasts with on that same material so you can listen on the go.

In both the audio and visual content we will include a Cheat Sheet or Worksheet that accompanies the training to make sure you can better understand the material and topic.​

We most definitely recommend checking it out after listening to or watching a lesson.  This will reinforce what have just learned.​

Finally, we seek to engage all aspects of learning and will be publishing periodic blog posts each month with tips and training in Spanish and English (sometime both in the same article).


This site EXISTS FOR YOU!  

Yes, you Spanish language learner.  

​We wouldn't be spending half of our waking hours creating content if it wasn't because we deeply believe in our mission and purpose to deliver Fantastic Teaching and Training on the Spanish Language in a fun way.

Here at Spanishland School, we love the Spanish language and truly believe it is worth the time and effort to become fluent.  Quite frankly, it will change your life (sorry to be dramatic, but it will...).​

So that being said, we want to hear from you!  When you get a chance, leave us a comment on a blog post or video and let us know what you are struggling with most.

Andrea wants to be able to help each and every person that comes across Spanishland School so please don't be shy and shoot us an email at Support[at]SpanishlandSchool.com with what you most want to learn and how we can best help you to get it accomplished.​

Is There Anyone Else?


​Nate Alger

In addition to the Youtube videos, articles, and Podcasts that Andrea creates you will also see articles from time to time from Nate.

He helps publish the content and makes sure the site is running okay.​

Nate is Andreas husband.  He is a gringo from Austin, Texas.  He achieved conversational fluency in Spanish in about a years time primarily through self-study with online tutors, language exchanges, and Podcasts​.

If you are interested in his story and the 10 things he learned while becoming fluent in Spanish check out this article.