3 Spanish Prepositions That Everyone Should Use

Prepositions in Spanish

Learning to correctly use prepositions in Spanish is essential to you grasping a key part of the Spanish language. Spanish prepositions connect words and allow you to create well structured sentences. In this article, I’m going to teach you three super important prepositions to add to your Spanish toolkit. Entre, hacia, and hasta are the three main Spanish …

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How to Learn Spanish During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Study Spanish From Home

This pandemic is affecting us all one way or the other. It’s changing the way we do pretty much everything, from grocery shopping to interactions with those around us. Chances are, you are one of the millions of people at home in quarantine. But that doesn’t mean this time has to be fruitless!This is the perfect time to …

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13 Clever Spanish Tongue-Twisters To Improve Your Speaking Skills

13 Spanish Tongue-Twisters

Looking for some Spanish tongue-twisters to help improve your Spanish pronunciation? Tongue twisters in Spanish are an excellent way to have fun in the language, test yourself, and most importantly improve your Spanish pronunciation (over time!). If you are feeling like you are in a pronunciation rut and you’re having a hard time saying a few difficult …

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11 Essential Argentina Slang Expressions You Can Start Using

Argentine Slang Expressions

If there’s something Argentines love as much as asado, mate, and dulce de leche, it’s talking. It is part of the culture, it’s imprinted in their DNA. If you’re going to be speaking Spanish with an Argentinean like me, learning the local lunfardo is crucial, as it prevails in casual conversation and is here to stay. Sure, every …

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Present Tense Spanish: Discover How to Master It!

Present tense Spanish

The Spanish Present Tense is the perfect place to start when learning Spanish. Not only is it the most widely used tense, but once you have the verb endings down, you will notice a pattern that repeats itself in nearly all the other tenses. Verbs in the present tense are, for the most part, predictable, so mastering …

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50+ Foolproof Romantic Phrases In Spanish To Try On Your Loved One

Romantic phrases in Spanish

Perhaps it is because of the soft consonants and longer vowels.  Perhaps it’s the variety of ways you can express feelings and emotions. The fact is, Spanish is considered the language of love for good reason. As a descendent of Latin, it carries on a long heritage of good stuff (art, culture, poetry, music, you name it!) that …

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When to Use Muy and Mucho In Spanish

muy and mucho

Do you struggle with knowing when to use muy and mucho? These two words tend to cause an awful lot of confusion among Spanish students. Both muy and mucho are widely used among native Spanish speakers so it is important you learn not only to differentiate them, but also how to use them correctly. As complicating as certain …

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Body Parts In Spanish – Learning With Fun Expressions

body Parts in Spanish

Looking to learn the parts of the body in Spanish? Why not learn them in a fun and interesting way with unique Spanish slang expressions (using body parts). Amazingly, Spanish body parts come up in conversation in ways you may have never imagined. Bare in mind these expressions are slang and meant to be used among friends …

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