50+ Foolproof Romantic Phrases In Spanish To Try On Your Loved One

Perhaps it is because of the soft consonants and longer vowels. 

Perhaps it’s the variety of ways you can express feelings and emotions.

The fact is, Spanish is considered the language of love for good reason.

As a descendent of Latin, it carries on a long heritage of good stuff (art, culture, poetry, music, you name it!) that contributes to its romantic reputation.

Spanish love expressions and words

A date full of promise can quickly turn to disaster if you unload a bunch of Spanish romantic phrases without knowing the person in front of you. It can be perceived as being creepy if not used correctly.

Don’t skip adequate social etiquette just because you want to impress with your Spanish abilities!

Do it right. Spanish is already a romance language! 🙂

A true romantic knows there is a time and a place, and that there are stages to go through. You don’t act the same way on a first date as you would on a date night with your spouse or longtime partner.

Here you will find a list of romantic phrases in Spanish divided into the different stages of a romantic relationship, to help you at wherever point you are currently at.

The Different Stages of Romance

The Chance Encounter

romantic phrases in Spanish

It happens all the time. 

At the coffee shop, at the grocery store, at the laundromat, in the train, or perhaps through a friend.

You have an instant connection with someone and want to spark a conversation.

You want to be romantic but you don’t want to be cheesy.

A lot of times, showing interest in the other person with simple observations and “getting to know you” questions is a very sweet and subtle way to be romantic.

Here are a few easy phrases that can help you on that first encounter.

¿Cómo te llamas? => What’s your name?

¿De dónde eres? => Where are you from?

Hola, ¿qué tal? Encantado de conocerte. => Hello, how is it going? Nice to meet you.

¿Te gustaría ir a tomar un café? => Would you like to go for coffee?

love words in Spanish

Me gustaría llamarte para invitarte a tomar algo.

I’d like to call you to take you out for a drink.

¿Quieres ir a dar una vuelta? Es un día hermoso. => Would you like to go for a walk? It’s a beautiful day.

Me encantaría saber más acerca de ti. ¿Salimos el viernes? => I’d love to know more about you. Would you like to go out on Friday?

The Planned Encounter

love phrases in Spanish

You are now going on your first official date.

You are nervous as heck.

Take a deep breath and let the Spanish do its magic.

If you are genuinely interested, you’ll probably want to get to know that person better and compliment them when you feel a compliment is due.

Romance is in the air!

Here are a few examples.

Hola, ¿cómo estás? Estás muy linda. (una mujer) / Te ves muy apuesto. (un hombre) => Hello, how are you? You look beautiful. (to a woman) / You look handsome. (to a man)

Cuéntame más acerca de ti. => Tell me more about yourself.

love phrases in Spanish

Tienes una mirada cautivadora. 

You have a captivating look (in their eyes).

¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre? => What do you like to do in your free time?

¿Por qué accediste a esta cita conmigo? => Why did you agree to go on this date with me?

Cuéntame de tu familia. => Tell me about your family.

¿Qué música te gusta escuchar? => What music do you like listening to?

¿Qué series te gusta ver? => What series do you like to watch?

¿Qué tipo de comida es la que más te gusta? => What type of food do you like the most?

La estoy pasando muy bien, ¿y tú? => I’m having a great time, how about you?

¿Qué lugares te gustaría conocer? => What places would you like to visit?

No quiero que termine la noche, ¿vamos a otro lado? => I don’t want the night to end. Let’s go someplace else.

¿Vamos a tomar algo a otro lado? => Would you like to have a drink somewhere else?

¿Vamos a bailar? => Would you like to go dancing?

¿Vamos a tomar un helado? => Would you like to go for ice cream?

You can also use command phrases to encourage your date to keep the magical night going (assuming you can clearly see there is chemistry).

¡Vayamos a bailar! / ¡Bailemos! => Let’s go dancing! / Let’s dance!

¡Vayamos a comer un helado! / ¡Comamos un helado! => Let’s go for ice cream!

¡Vayamos a tomar algo a otro lado! / ¡Tomemos algo en otro lado! => Let’s have a drink somewhere else!

If you and your date are not into small talk, you can dig deeper with questions like…

Spanish love words

¿Cuáles son algunos de tus sueños y aspiraciones?

What are some of your dreams and aspirations?

¿Cuáles son las cosas más importantes de la vida para ti? => What are the most important things in your life?

There are always those “have you ever” questions which are a fun way to get to know the other person!

¿Alguna vez tuviste una mala cita de la que no podías escapar? => Have you ever had a bad date you couldn’t escape from? (You should only ask this if the date is going really well, haha).

Hopefully it all ends in with:

Me divertí mucho. Me encantaría volver a verte. => I had a lot of fun. I’d love to see you again.

If not, keep reading...

How To Flee The Scene

bad Spanish dates

If things are not going as well as you would have liked, there are a couple of different approaches you can take.

  1. Be honest and more direct, with a phrase like:

Te voy a ser sincero/a. Me caes muy bien pero te veo más como un/a amigo/a que otra cosa. Por favor, no lo tomes a mal. => I’m going to be honest. I like you but I see you like a friend more than anything else. Please, don’t take it the wrong way.

  1. Be polite with phrases or small white lies like:

No estoy buscando una relación en este momento. => I’m not looking for a relationship right now.

Soy gay. => I’m gay.

Te llamo más tarde. => I’ll call you later.

Me caes bien pero necesito tiempo, acabo de terminar una relación. => I like you but I need time. I just got out of a long relationship.

Spanish Romantic Phrases To Kick Things Up A Notch!

Spanish phrases love

It may be the same night. It may be on the second, third, or perhaps much later.

There are sparks in the air. The night is coming to an end…or is it?

Si quieres, te acompaño a tu casa. => I can take you home if you’d like.

Pick the tone. Do you want to be suggestive or sweet and concerned?

¿Quieres pasar? => Would you like to come in?

La pasé muy bien contigo. ¿Cuándo nos vemos de nuevo? => I had a great time with you. When can we see each other again?

Me gustas mucho. ¿Puedo besar esos labios? => I like you a lot. Can I kiss your lips? (At your own risk).

Married, Not Dead!

Sexy Spanish love phrases

Looking for a little romance with your significant other?

Blow them away like in the early days when love was thick in the air!

Eres tan hermosa / tan apuesto como el día en que te conocí. => You are as beautiful / handsome as the day I met you.

Me haces muy feliz. => You make me very happy.

Spanish love phrases

Te amo tal cual eres. => I love you exactly the way you are.

No puedo imaginarme cómo hubiera sido mi vida sin ti. => I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without you.

A veces me vuelves loco pero te amo con locura. => Sometimes you drive me crazy but I love you like crazy.

Estás para comerte. => You look so good I would like to have sex with you.

The Language of Love: List of Spanish Love Words & Phrases

love expressions in Spanish

Here is a list of other Spanish romance related words and phrases that you can start using.

Let’s get that Neruda out of you!

Te amo => I love you.

Te quiero => I love you (a notch down from “te amo”).

Te adoro => I adore you.

love phrases in Spanish

Una cita => A date

Una cena romántica => A romantic dinner

Las velas => The candles

Una cena a la luz de las velas => A candlelight dinner

La luna => The moon

Las estrellas => The stars

El vino => The wine

Las flores => The flowers

expressions of love in Spanish

La terraza => The terrace

La novia => The girlfriend

El novio => The boyfriend

Estamos juntos. => We’re together.

Me gusta tu sonrisa. => I like your smile.

Me cautivan tus ojos. => Your eyes captivate me.

Me haces reír mucho. => You make me laugh a lot.

Una noche especial => A special night

frases de amoor

Una noche única. => A unique night.

No puedo parar de pensar en ti. => I can’t stop thinking about you.

Eres una persona muy especial. => You are a very special person.

No veo la hora de verte otra vez. => I can’t wait to see you again.

Vayamos a contemplar el amanecer juntos. => Let’s go look at the sunrise together.

Me caes muy bien. => I like you a lot.

Names you can call your significant other:

love phrases Spanish

Mi vida => My life

Mi amor => My love

Mi cielo => My sky

Also, adding the -ito/-ita to the end of your significant other's name adds a nice level of cuteness and affection.

So start using the -ito/-ita with your loved one.

Summing Up the Love Phrases in Spanish

spanish love expressions

Dive into the language of love!

You are prone to learn different ways to express yourself and interact with others in Spanish, no matter what.

Good luck out there!

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