Bien vs. Bueno: When to Use Bien, Buen, and Bueno?!

Bien vs. Bueno

Bien, Buen or Bueno?! Three little words…such big confusion! There comes a time in life when suddenly things become clear, a time that defines a before and an after in a person’s life. In this case, the person is you (a Spanish learner) and the thing is the difference between bien, buen, and bueno. You better be prepared to …

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11 Great Benefits of Learning Spanish

Benefits of learning Spanish

There are so many great benefits of learning Spanish that it’s hard to name just 11. I imagine, you can probably think of several yourself. I’m going to focus on the ones that I think will leave you wondering “what am I waiting for?!”. The first step is to create the habit. All you need is to put …

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Saber vs. Conocer Rules | Practical Tips & Examples

saber vs. conocer

Have you  ever heard this eye-rolling phrase that plagues the Spanish language: “it depends on the context”?  Well, this is one of those moments. Only this time, the contexts are pretty clear, with little room for overlapping, yay!The English language is, for this purpose, blissfully concise. The verb ‘to know’ is used for all the circumstances …

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