11 Best Spanish YouTubers for Intermediates and Advanced Learners

Have you gotten to the point where you can listen and understand (most of the time) Spanish spoken on TV or the radio?

I waste spend a good portion of my day watching YouTube videos to learn new things, be entertained, or at times to simply de-stress after a long work day.

At Spanishland School, we enjoy YouTube so much that we created a Channel with Spanish teaching videos.  If you are learning Spanish, it’s a great place to get started as we release new videos twice a week.

That’s enough about us.

Best Spanish Youtubers 2017

We created this article to profile the best Spanish YouTubers.

You can use their videos to be entertained and improve your Spanish at the same time.

If you are going to watch a fun video, why not watch it in Spanish and pick up some new vocab?

Each of our top Spanish YouTubers below feature a quick snapshot about the channel such as where they are from and what their audience size is. We noted whether they are best for intermediate or advanced Spanish speakers.

Alright, let’s get to the list.

11 Best Spanish YouTubers (To Improve Your Spanish)

1) Daniela Bos

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 627 K +

About the Channel: Daniela Bos puts out videos on just about everything. She shares interesting facts such as current events, everyday life, and even some funny sketches.

Her style is easy going and she seems to have a clear tone and is easy to understand if you are a high intermediate or advanced Spanish student. It’s a great channel to follow if you want to see a variety of topics and develop a more fluid vocabulary.

She refers to all her viewers with “Hola bebes” at the beginning of each video to make sure you feel like a part of her tribe.

Recommended For: High Intermediates and Advanced Spanish Learners

2) Werevertumorro

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 15 Million +

About the Channel: This is not only one of the top Spanish YouTubers, but also one of the most important influencers in Mexico due to the variety of videos that are uploaded to the channel.

The YouTuber creates cartoon videos like The Simpsons and acted out fun videos on interesting topics like “CÓMO ENAMORAR A UNA MUJER.”

He seems to be a very versatile YouTuber that can create fun everyday comedic sketches like “¡NO SOY NIÑA!” and personal videos where he provides practical advice for those looking for love.

It’s no surprise why he is so popular as his videos are hilarious and well-cut videos with climactic (telenovela like) background music.

His voice tone is clear and very expressive. However, he does speak quite fast at times so keep that in mind. Like most youtube celebrities, his videos are cut quickly so you have to make sure you can keep up with what he is saying as he is speaking.

Recommended For: Advanced Learners

Best Spanish Speaking YouTubers

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3) Enchufetv

Country: Ecuador

Subscribers: 16 Million +

About the Channel: Enchfetv features some fantastic short films and comedy sketches on his channel.

Just watching a few of his videos shows the amount of effort and quality that he puts out. It feels like you are watching an actual short TV show. The level of quality is some of the best I have seen on YouTube.

The topics range from business, to sports, to life in general. The video “Compra Condones” is hilarious and a must watch for anyone who needs a good laugh. If you are in for some funny short videos check out this channel!

One thing I did notice is that sometimes the host speaks quickly so it might be difficult to understand at time. However, after a couple of videos I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

Recommended For: High Intermediates and Advanced Spanish Learners

4) HolaSoyGerman

Country: Chile

Subscribers: 33 Million +

About the Channel: German is a wildly popular YouTuber from Chile.  He might be the most popular Spanish YouTuber of them all.  

As you can see he has built up quite the following over the years so we would be remiss to not include him to our list. Even if he does speak quite quickly.

He is the star of the show and from what I can tell the main and only actor in everything he uploads.

However, I will finish with this big warning.

He speaks remarkably fast (although clear) and his videos are cut extremely quick so it will be almost impossible for a regular intermediate Spanish student to keep up with everything being said.

If you are an advanced Spanish speaker and can understand fast Spanish speakers, then definitely check out his channel. He is one funny guy.

From what I have found the vocabulary is not overly difficult and you are sure to learn a few things from his storytelling.

Recommended For: Advanced Learners

5) YosStop

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 6 Million +

About the Channel: The channel features videos done by a female YouTuber and Vlogger.

YosStop is from Mexico and speaks on everyday life issues, parodies, and comic sketches like the many other YouTubers mentioned on this review article.

A couple videos that you might enjoy is “SER AMIG@ DE TU EX!” and “LA NOVIA BIPOLAR.”

Her accent and voice tone is relatively clear to understand especially if you understand Mexican Spanish speakers. She seems to pronunciate well on her Vlogs.

Recommended For: High Intermediates and Advanced Learners

6) elrubiusOMG

Country: Spain

Subscribers: 27 Million +

About the Channel: This Spanish YouTuber has racked up quite a few followers in recent years due to their outlandish videos and Vlogs.

It seems to be run by one guy who features some of his friends in his videos as they go on various adventures. He speaks on video games, cheat codes, pranks, and internet trolls.

Like most of the YouTubers mentioned his videos are quite funny if you are looking for a cheap laugh.

The video on “MANERAS DE MOLESTAR A TU COMPAÑERO” was pretty original.

He does hail from Spain so if you are learning the Latin American dialect I recommend you check out a different YouTuber. The accents in the video will make it difficult for those studying Latin Spanish.

Conversely, if you are learning Spanish from Spain, this might be just the perfect channel for you!

Recommended For: Advanced Learners

7) Yuya

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 20 Million +

About the Channel: Yet another top Spanish Youtuber is Yuya. She is bigtime with over 18 million current subscribers.

Her high pitched voice is unique and doesn’t seem to be as crass as many of the other funny Spanish YouTubers mentioned. One thing to keep in mind is it is a very girly channel so if you are into makeup and doing your hair that this is the perfect channel for you!

You can improve your vocabulary as she speaks on beauty, fashion, and relationships. Her voice is quite clear to understand and great for those females out there looking for cheerful and stylish videos.

Her video on the “5 PEINADOS PARA ESCUELA/TRABAJO” has over 44 Million views! That’s a good place to start out if you want to check out her channel.

Recommended For: High Intermediates and Advanced Spanish Speakers

8) luisitorey

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 8 Million +

About the Channel: This channel is delivered by a funny guy from Mexico who takes you on a journey featuring a variety of topics.

Just like HolaSoyGerman, Luisito is the star of the show and the main and only actor in his videos. He features a variety of personalities and is very talented in playing different voices and acting roles. His video on “Las Mamás de Hoy” is very well done and got a few giggles from me.

He does speak quite slower than German so that could be helpful for those looking for an easier to understand Spanish speaker. On his channel, you will learn some slang and be entertained at the same time.

Recommended For: High Intermediates and Advanced Learners

9) LosPolinesios

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 11 Million +

About the Channel: LosPolinesios is a fun Mexican Spanish YouTube channel from a group of siblings (One brother, two sisters) that are trying to share their real-life experiences to the world.

They take you on different travels and bring you on the inside of the fashion industry, show biz, and a assortment of other topics.

They all have a lot of chemistry and only putout entertaining and positive videos. Their videos are cut in the first person as you are normally seeing them from what seems like a selfie stick.

All the videos seem to be shot in the Vlog format.

The video with their dog on “ME LLEVARON DE COMPRAS A LA TIENDA DE MASCOTAS” is an interesting Vlog with over 15 million views.

If you like first person Vlogs with Latin Spanish from Mexico than look no further than LosPolinesios.

Recommended For: High Intermediates and Advanced Learners

10) CaELike

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 13 Million +

About the Channel: Just like Yuya featured above, CaELIKE is another girly YouTube channel with some saucy topics (perhaps a little more racy than Yuya).

Shes talk on relationships, fashion, family, and even some business related topics.

She’s very open with her YouTube videos which undoubtedly has helped bring in more views as her popular videos are often on personal subjects like love. Actually, that’s pretty much all her videos.

It’s no wonder why most music artists and movies almost always feature feature stories on love.

The video “MI NOVIO Y YO NOS TOCAMOS NUESTROS CUERPOS” was unique and has over 17 million views to date. I suppose it is a bit of a clickbaity topic.

She has a friendly tone and you will probably understand her as she speaks clearly and at a decent speed to follow along with.

Recommended For: Intermediate and Advanced Learners

11) Fernafloo

Country: El Salvador

Subscribers: 26 Million +

About the Channel: This channel is done by a somewhat nerdy, but fun guy to follow along with guy from El Salvador.

It’s a channel that’s geared more towards a male audience as it features videos about his life, video games, pranks, and of course his family.

He has animated videos, Vlogs, and even a funny rap video. In fact, “EL RAP DE FERNANFLOO !!” has over 95 million views so far! Thankfully, it has the lyrics at the bottom to help understand what is being said.

He speaks quickly and can be hard to understand at times so it’s probably not recommended for intermediate Spanish students.

However, if you are looking for one of the best male Spanish YouTubers on the web then look no further than Fernafloo.

Recommended For: Advanced Learners

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My Observations From Studying the 11 Best Spanish Youtubers

Top Spanish Youtubers

Did you know that the second most spoken language in the world is Spanish with over 400 million speakers around the globe?

There are now more Spanish speakers than English speakers today.

Even the Chinese are learning Spanish nowadays. I came into this article thinking there might be a few good Spanish YouTubers out there.

I was blown away by the talent that is on YouTube right now. The quality has really gone up in recent years. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a high-quality camera, good editing, and a little bit of creativity these days.

Top Spanish Youtubers to Listen to

The videos on all these channels came across as extremely well cut and in many cases felt like a full production TV show!

This is an era where you can learn almost anything online and speak with just about everyone no what country you reside in.

All you need is a device with internet.

15 years ago, their weren’t any famous YouTubers from Spain or Latin America. The opportunities these days to learn Spanish from the internet is unimaginable a mere decade ago.

If you are anything like me, you probably want to learn Spanish in an enjoyable way and prefer staying clear of the pen and paper textbook route. That bores me to death which is why I never really did in person classes during my quest of the Spanish language.

If there is one thing I learned from studying the channels of these 11 YouTubers is that you can build up quite a following if you just provide a unique or fun twist on topics people are interested in.

What are lasting topics that are guaranteed to get eyeballs. Personal topics like family, politics, and love seem to always grab an audience.

A lot of times people come to YouTube simply to be entertained. And if you want to be entertained why not learn some Spanish in the process.

Summing Up the Top 11 Spanish Speaking YouTubers

Best Spanish Youtubers

Watching Spanish YouTube videos can be hard for some to comprehend (it is for me) and is certainly not recommended for beginners looking to level up their Spanish.

If you don’t understand most of what is being said then quite frankly there is no point in watching a Spanish TV show or Spanish movie.

If you truly want to learn the language, we recommend you check our our YouTube channel: Spanishland School.

We put out fun and entertaining videos twice a week as we teach all the important elements of the Spanish language.

"Who's the best Spanish YouTuber to listen to?"

Colombian Spanish Youtubers

Personally, I really liked the short videos from “Enchufetv“ as they are really well-cut and funny.

My wife Andrea's favorite Spanish YouTuber is Jonatan Clay who‘s from Colombia and is similar to HolaSoyGerman and Luisitorey mentioned above.

I guess I should have asked her before making this list...

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which channel you are most interested in. We tried to provide a nice variety with male and female Spanish YouTubers from all over Latin America and Spain.

That being said, I am sure we probably missed a few good ones here or there.

Who is your favorite Spanish YouTuber?

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Best Spanish Speaking YouTubers

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5 thoughts on “11 Best Spanish YouTubers for Intermediates and Advanced Learners”

  1. Wow, great recommendations and some seriously hilarious Youtubers. Finding great content like this helps as I’m learning Spanish. Thanks.

  2. This is not good information. You said,
    “If you don’t understand most of what is being said then quite frankly there is no point in watching a Spanish TV show or Spanish movie.”

    look up this video and you’ll see why.
    Why You Still Can’t Understand Your Target Language by Matt vs. Japan

    you need to listen to as much as possible in your target language even if you don’t know many words.

    • Josh – thanks for writing in. Personally, I think if you are at a beginner level and can’t understand many words than there are better methods that you can use to learn the language to get to the point that you can finally start understanding the Spanish shows and movies.

      All methods are great I just think some are better at other times. Just my opinion. 🙂

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