7 Best Spanish TV Shows to Learn Spanish

Do you have access to Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube?

I would reckon so if you are reading this article. We all have such a vast amount of excellent free or low cost resources at our disposal in this digital world that we now live in.

Want the simple Comparison Charts of the Top 11 Spanish TV Shows and the Top 11 Movies in Spanish?  

Unlike 10 years ago we now have access to radio stations, newspapers, and even television shows produced in different countries and languages. So, let’s harvest this incredible opportunity and use it to learn Spanish!

Whats the best spanish TV Show

It is time to start watching a TV series that will help improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and learn new expressions!

Chances are you are already using shows to relax and wind down at night or to keep you entertained on the weekends. Why not make a small habit change and start watching Spanish speaking shows?

Heck, if you want, you can even watch the same American shows but with Spanish dubbed audio or Spanish subtitles.

Personally, I did this with the show “Friends” and learned a lot form it. The opportunities are endless!

Below you will find the 7 best TV shows to learn Spanish so that you can improve your listening and comprehension while relaxing from the comfort of your sofa.

Finally, we finish with 5 tips to make your learning effective.

Best Spanish Television Shows

Keep in mind the first 2 shows on our list are TV shows specifically geared towards the Spanish language learner. The intent of these first two series was strictly to teach the language to others.

Top TV Shows To Learn Spanish

The following 5 shows are regular Spanish created TV Shows. These are the five best Spanish produced TV shows that we found or know of.

We did our best to have a wide variety of options with different dialects so that you can choose which one best suits what you are looking for.

2 Best Shows for Beginners and Lower Intermediates​

1) Destinos

Best Beginners Spanish Show

Destinos is a 52 episode Spanish series that was created with the sole purpose of teaching Spanish while focusing on words and phrases during everyday life.

The story is about a lawyer, Raquel Rodríguez, who travels to Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico in search of the secrets of a dying man. While following along the plotline, you can learn about the dialect and accent of each of these 4 countries.

The series itself is very well done and geared towards a high beginner or lower intermediate Spanish learner.

Top Beginners Spanish Show

Personally, I liked this series and watched it for a little while, but also found it a little too basic for what I was looking for. It started teaching the Spanish number system so I fast-forwarded a little bit.

The storyline itself is quite interesting and has some really good dialogue and a great plotline as the main character travels to different Latin American countries.

Another potential downside is the series is a little bit dated at this point as I would estimate it was created 20+ years ago.

So why do we recommend it?

The plot is excellent and the series is well done for those at an earlier intermediate level. If you are looking for an educational experience, this might just be the perfect series for you!

In my opinion, this is far and away the best Spanish TV show for beginners. Check it out below at this link: https://learner.org/series/destinos.

Key Points


  • Clearly Spoken Spanish from all over Latin America
  • Purpose to Teach Spanish through the story
  • 52 Episodes long


  • Older Series and At Times it Shows its Age
  • Not Recommended for High Intermediate and Advanced Students


This series was also created specifically to teach Spanish. It is very similar to the super popular American TV series "Friends."

Extra TV Show

The story is about a guy named Sam, an English native, who went to live in Barcelona to learn Spanish. There he lives in an apartment with two girls.

They are always correcting each other’s mistakes and laughing. It has a bit of comedy and also repeats many phrases from everyday life.

Another advantage is that they speak very slowly, so it is very easy to understand.

I checked this series out and liked it quite a bit. It is probably most geared towards the intermediate learner and like Destinos, it was created for the sole purpose of teaching the Spanish language to non-natives.

Top Beginner Spanish Shows

It is a recently created series, probably within the past 5-10 years. Extra is very well edited and shot almost exactly like the American series “Friends.”

The speaking is slow enough for a high basic to intermediate learner to understand fairly well. For those at a more advanced level, you are most likely better off just watching the Spanish dubbed audio version of Friends with Spanish subtitles. That’s what I did.

However, if you are not currently at an advanced level, dubbed Spanish shows can be hard to understand and maybe even hard to find on the internet.

At 13 episodes, a little over 20 minutes long, Extra gives you time to get to know the characters and develops the plotline well throughout the one season.

Extra en Espanol

Are there any drawbacks?

A quick perusing of the comments section and you will see some viewers calling this show “cringey,” so beware.

It does feel like they just completely copied the show Friends concepts and changed it to a Spanish version spoken slowly. But maybe that’s not really a bad thing as the American version was a big-time success.

Lastly, if you are at a more advanced level this show probably isn’t for you and I would recommend watching one of the five regular Spanish shows outlined below this.

However, if you want an interesting series written with slow, clearly spoken Spanish than look no further than Extra.

You can find the series on YouTube and get started by watching the first episode below: 

Key Points


  • Spoken in Slow, Easy to understand Spanish
  • Purpose to Teach Spanish through the story
  • 13 Episodes at 20+ minutes
  • Recommended for Beginners and Intermediate Learners
  • Extremely Similar to American show "Friends"


  • The Show is a Little Bit Cheesy
  • Not very Original as it Copies the "Friends" Model
  • Not Recommended for Advanced Students

5 Best Spanish TV Shows

The following list is the top 5 Spanish created TV shows. Naturally, these were produced with the Spanish audience in mind. They were not specifically created for Spanish language learners like the 2 others listed above.

If you a higher intermediate or even advanced language learner, I recommend you check out at least one of five from the list below.

You are sure to find one you like.  If not, download our comparison chart extended list with the button below.

Want simple Comparison Charts of the Top 11 Spanish TV Shows and the Top 11 Movies in Spanish?  

1) Isabel

This is a Spanish series about the life of the Queen Isabella of Spain who reigned in a time where it was expected that women were only mothers and wives.

Isabel TV Show

This story shows demonstrates how she had to fight for her throne and all the challenges that she had to confront into maintaining the Spanish empire. To date, this show has put out three solid seasons of work.

I started watching this show to improve my Spanish, but quickly found that I was hooked on the drama and wasn’t learning much Spanish. 🙂

At the time, the subtitles were only in English and the dialogue of the show is spoken in 15th century Spanish. This made it difficult to understand. My focus on what was going on and the English subtitles probably limited my learning.

That being said, I really, really enjoyed the storyline and I loved the drama and action. The acting is fantastic by everyone involved. Queen Isabel is truly a compelling figure and it interweaves fantastic theater and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next at the end of each episode.

The themes of love and corruption that gets intertwined amongst the main characters and their competing forces make this a spectacularly interesting show.


Courtesy of isabeltve.tumblr.com

For those at an advanced Spanish language level, this might be the perfect show for you.

Beginners and lower intermediates would probably be better looking elsewhere.

Keep in mind if you don’t understand fast spoken Spanish from Spain than this might not be good series for you if your purpose is to learn the language.

That being said, every little bit helps. And if you just want to watch an interesting show in Spanish while learning about Queen Isabella I than look no further than this show.

The show was first released in September of 2012 so it is still very current.

There are three full seasons to get your binge watching put on overdrive.  Episodes are about an hour long. You can find Isabel on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Short Trailer of Isabel

Key Points


  • High Budget Spanish TV Show
  • Spoken with Spain Dialect
  • Recommended for High Intermediates and Advanced Learners
  • 3 Seasons with 39 Episodes
  • Available on Netflix and Hulu


  • Hard to Follow Without Subtitles
  • Telenovela: Lots of Drama (might be a good thing)
  • Spoken with Older Non-Current Spanish Words at times
  • Not Recommended for Lower Level Language Learners

2) El Tiempo Entre Costuras (The Time in Between)

This show tells the story of Sira Quiroga, a young seamstress who leaves Madrid before the start of the Spanish Civil War. She starts a workshop in the haute couture district as a result of her difficult situation.

el tiempo entre costuras

This is superbly edited Spanish drama that was created with a large production budget. The show premiered in October 2013 and averages over 5 million views per episode.

The time period for this show is in the early 1930’s. It truly does an excellent job of displaying key human elements such as love, war, and betrayal amongst political uncertainty.

Are there any drawbacks?

  • Want the simple Comparison Chart of the Top 11 Spanish TV Shows and the Top 11 Movies in Spanish? Click the button below.

Well, for one, just like the series Isabel, you might find this fast spoken Spanish from Spain difficult to understand. Fact of the matter is, if you are looking to learn Latin American Spanish I would probably go with a different series.

Best Spanish Shows

However, at just 11 episodes long, we know you will quickly get embroiled in this fantastic Spanish drama.

It is available on Netflix and Hulu Plus so check it out today if it strikes your fancy.

Short Trailer of El Tiempo Entre Costuras

Key Points


  • High Budget Spanish TV Show
  • Spoken with Spain Dialect
  • Recommended for High Intermediates and Advanced Learners
  • 1 Season with 11 Episodes
  • Available on Netflix and Hulu


  • Somewhat Hard to Follow Without Subtitles
  • Telenovela: Lots of Drama (might be a good thing)
  • Not Recommended for Lower Level Language Learners

3) Escobar, El Patrón Del Mal (Escobar, Boss of Evil)

Escobar El Patron Del Mal

This is a Colombian series that portrays the adventurous and eccentric life of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel.

The series is very well done and will keep you thoroughly engaged throughout the 70+ episodes. I had to limit the days I would watch the show each week due to how much I enjoyed it. I definitely fell victim to intense binge watching from time to time.

The best part is that the actors are Colombian so this show is ideal if you want to learn the dialect and accent of a Colombian speaker. Some of the common complaints you hear about Narcos is that it isn’t the most factual and not all that authentic.

Case in point, Narcos main actor, Pablo, is played by a Brazilian named Wagner Maura.

Although Narcos is a fantastic series for the casual observer, for those wanting to learn more about Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel with a deeper plotline, I would recommend going with Escobar, El Patrón Del Mal.

It found it to be perfect to follow along the Spanish subtitles that accompany the Spanish speaking.

Also, it doesn’t have all the nudity like many HBO series have and which Narcos also features. However, if your opposed to watching lots of violence, killings, and corruption, this is not the show for you.

Hacienda Napoles Entrance

Personally, I loved seeing the inner workings of the Medellin Cartel and found Pablo to be a brilliant manipulator and businessman.

Like many infamous men in history, it is awfully sad that he didn’t use his talents for good and for building up Colombia instead of tearing it down.

It is recommended for learners at a high Intermediate or Advanced level. Check it out on Netflix or Hulu Plus. Warning, I cannot guarantee you won’t be hooked after a few episodes.

Short Trailer of Escobar, El Patrón Del Mal

Key Points


  • More Authentic and Detailed Colombian Version on Story
  • Actual Colombian Actors with Colombian Dialect
  • 74 Episodes about an Hour Long
  • Recommended for High Intermediates and Advanced Learners
  • Available on Netflix and Hulu


  • Lower Budget, Lesser Effects Compared to Popular American Made Narcos Show
  • Beware: Not for the Faint of Heart. Lots of Murder and Blood
  • Not Recommended for Lower Level Language Learners

4) Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel)

gran hotel

This is an interesting story of a young man named Julio who goes to the "Gran Hotel" to look for his sister who worked there.

He realized that she had disappeared and of course in the meantime uncovers many mysterious secrets from this spectacular Hotel.

The series is about all that Julio does to try and discover what happened to his sister. It has romance and plenty of drama to it. The plot takes place in the beginning of the 20th century and the show first aired in October of 2011.

Want simple Comparison Charts of the Top 11 Spanish TV Shows and the Top 11 Movies in Spanish?  

Although I have not watched this show and don’t have much personally to add to it, I have heard very good things about it.

gran hotel 2

Gran Hotel is yet another Spanish drama with excellent filmography and is currently at 3 seasons long with 39 episodes worth of content to get you reeled in.

It is a high budget production and spoken with the Spanish dialect so keep that in mind in the case that you want to focus on Latin American Spanish.

If you want a superb series with plenty of intrigue and drama, I recommend you look no further than this show.

It is available on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Short Trailer of Gran Hotel

Key Points


  • High Budget Spanish Produced Show
  • Spoken with Spain Dialect
  • 3 Seasons Long with 39 Episodes
  • Recommended for High Intermediates and Advanced Learners
  • Available on Netflix and Hulu


  • Telenovela: Has Lots of Drama (might be a good thing)
  • Difficult to Understand if you are Focusing on Latin American Spanish
  • Not Recommended for Lower Level Language Learners

5) Mi Corazón Es Tuyo (My Heart Is Yours)

Mi Corazon es Tuyo

This is a Mexican telenovela featuring Anna Leal who lives two different lives. During the day she is a nanny and during the evening she is an exotic dancer.

Don’t worry this show doesn’t get too racy and does keep it PG-13 in case you’re wondering.

Like any telenovela, this show features plenty of drama and an abundant amount of love interests.

It currently has 176 episodes around 40+ minutes so it is certainly not for the faint of heart if you are hoping to watch them all.

If you like telenovelas and want to improve your Spanish with a Mexican dialect, we recommend you check this series out for a few episodes to see if it is something you want to continue.

You can find it on Hulu.

Short Trailer of Mi Corazón Es Tuyo

Key Points


  • Spoken with Mexican Dialect
  • 176 Episodes and Counting!
  • Recommended for High Intermediates and Advanced Learners
  • Available on Hulu


  • Telenovela: Has Lots of Drama (might be a good thing)
  • Many, many love interests (again, maybe I put this in the wrong column)
  • Not Recommended for Lower Level Language Learners

5 Simple Tips for Watching Spanish Shows

Best TV Series to Learn Spanish

​Want to make sure you are actually improving your vocabulary and comprehension?

Before you pick out a TV show from the above list please keep in mind these 5 tips to learn efficiently.

1) Use Spanish Audio and Subtitles in Spanish

This is crucial. If you really want to improve your Spanish while watching TV Shows you need to listen to them in Spanish and follow along with Spanish subtitles.

If you use English subtitles there is a good chance you will be focused on the English words and it will hinder your learning. You might even subconsciously zone out the speaking like I did.

2) Eliminate the Distractions Around You

Best Spanish Shows to Learn Spanish

This goes without saying. If you can’t hear the show well, you probably won’t understand it all that much. You need to be in the zone and able to focus on what’s being said.

If you aren’t focusing on the audio and subtitles and checking Facebook at the same time, than chances are you won’t get much learning out of it.

3) Pause and Rewind the Shows

Best spanish movies 2018

Unless you are watching the show with someone else, why not have a remote on hand?

If there is something important that you don’t want to miss or a phrase that you want to hear spoken again, why not hit the rewind button?

Pause it if you want to look up a common word that keeps getting spoken. I know I did this plenty of times while watching Spanish TV shows and I believe I learned quite a bit from it.

This doesn’t mean I stopped every moment when I didn’t understand a word (that would be pointless), but if something keeps showing up repeatedly, look it up.

Normally, I would have the Netflix show open in one tab and Spanishdict.com open in the other tab for a quick translate.

4) Watch Live TV in Spanish Like Sports or News Programs

This tip is not recommended to just any Spanish learner.

Learn Spanish with TV Shows

Obviously, you need to be in a higher fluency level for this to be worthwhile.

If you are not at least a High Intermediate student, you might be watching CNN in Spanish with a blank stare on your face.

If you are already planning on watching the news or a sporting event, why not try it out in Spanish? Most major sporting events are broadcast in Spanish from what I found.

Hey, it might even make that soccer game more interesting to watch.

5) Don't Be a Perfectionist

It is completely okay if you don't understand all the words being said at any given point in time.

It would be silly to think you can just jump into a second language with a limited amount of exposure and expect to understand everything from the get go.

Keep your expectations in check and don’t get frustrated if you do not understand as much as you thought you could.

Personally, I didn’t understand everything being said in Escobar, El Patron del Mal.

However, that didn’t stop me from understanding most of it and I always understood the context of what was going on. Chances are you can understand the gist of each episode without understanding every word spoken.

So take it easy on yourself!

What’s the Best Spanish TV Show for Learning Spanish?

In this article, we have laid out the 2 best Spanish shows for learning Spanish at a more beginner and intermediate level. This will provide you with an educational experience.

Top Spanish TV Show

However, if you want to push yourself and are at a higher intermediate to advanced level, than we recommend checking out one of the 5 regular Spanish TV series.

Personally, I loved the Escobar series and was hooked in a couple episodes. But that show is certainly not for everyone!

That’s why we created a simple comparison guide in an easy to read PDF to help you sort through the best Spanish TV shows easily by plot, type, and difficulty. This will help you narrow down the right series for you.

Just click the download button below for the free PDFs after entering in your name and email.

Without a doubt, watching Spanish shows is one of the best ways to learn actual spoken Spanish from native speakers. I find TV shows to be an excellent method as most people generally enjoy watching them. I know I certainly do.

Top Shows in Spanish

If you are to ever get to advanced fluency you will need a serious WHY statement for your learning and at the same time at least partly enjoy the process.

I cannot think of any other better way to enjoy the process than to watch Spanish TV shows in the time that you would have already used to watch TV anyways. The only difference is now you are making your TV watching educational and fun.

Just make sure you don’t forget why you are watching them, to learn!

Want simple Comparison Charts of the Top 11 Spanish TV Shows and the Top 11 Movies in Spanish?  

Download the PDFs with the button below.

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  1. wow there couldn’t be any better article to help me decide which series to download in order to learn Spanish. Thank youuu dozens of times

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Sarina. Glad you found the resource helpful, we wanted it to be comprehensive and I’m glad you found it valuable. 🙂

    • This is a perfect guide. I am getting back into Spanish after more than a decade. Thank you for reconnecting me with my love for languages! Bless you!

      • Awesome, Alex! Super good to hear that this has got you back into Spanish after more than a decade. It will change your life when you commit to it! 🙂

  2. wow this is a very helpful article. i have a spanish exam tomorrow and i am exhausted from revision, so this will allow me to relax whilst still learning some español 🙂

    • Ahh, I see George. To be honest, I was in Latin America (Bolivia at the time) and bought the DVD’s on the streets there. I think if you Google search you should be able to find some streamed, but I’m not going to recommend any here.

      Here’s a YouTube playlist I saw when I searched Friends dubbed in Spanish: https://youtu.be/EySYnrmB_K8

      Hope this helps.

  3. Hey! Great post! I’m really interested in Escobar show, but can’t find the Spanish subs anywhere :((

    Can someone help please?

    • Hi Abraham. In the US you could find it with Spanish subtitles on Netflix. That is how I watched it and it is a fantastic show. I can’t say in other countries though unfortunately.

    • Hola Rogelina. Destinos would be great for an 8th-grade classroom. Just keep in mind the video quality is quite dated, but the content is good and it’s focused on those learning the language.

  4. EXTRA is perfect for the beginner for my concerns. Thanks all information you plant seed in me again wow great !!!

  5. We used Destinos as a training tool when I took Spanish in college. Guess I’ll be looking into the others online, couldn’t find on our ever changing Netflix. I also plan to watch my regular shows with Spanish dubbing and English subtitles. I will NOT feel inept on our next trip to Mexico. So many new friends even with only a few words, sign language and SONGS between us. Sad to be back home!

  6. Thanks for this list, it’s great! I have been trying to access Destinos and I can’t seem to play any episodes. Is it only available in the US? I am based in the UK.

  7. I looked for the shows that recommended that are supposed to be on Netflix or Hulu bust most are not. I only found Escobar padrón del mal. I am in the US so not sure if this is effecting what am able to watch or they’ve been removed since this post. Thanks

  8. Great reference and summary! Thanks!! I wonder if you can point me in the direction to find subtitle files for the Pablo Escobar series. I only found them in English. Thanks again!

    • Hola Brian! I watched the series in Spanish with Spanish subtitles on Netflix awhile back. Not sure if they took them away?

  9. This is great, I started with destinos. I finished it in 2 weeks. Loved it so much. real great. I will start casa de la flores.

  10. Siempre bruja on Netflix is a great option too for Latin America Spanish! (Might be under Always a Witch)

  11. i’m watching money heist with spanish subtitles but i’m not understanding everything, idk if this is just to hard for me and i should start on a different show or not.

    • haha I watched it and didn’t understand a decent chunk of the Spanish even with the subtitles in Spanish. Concepts and tone help to understand what is going on though. I think if you are learning Spanish in the low intermediate or below range, this is not a great show to improve your Spanish.

  12. Dueños del Paraiso staring Kate Del Castillo (from Bad Boys 3) also worth checking out. Its sort of a telenovela version of Narcos.


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