5 thoughts on “121 | 10 Formas De Saludar En Español”

  1. I’ve been to Colombia 9 times and nobody, but my wife’s family using the tú form with me. Los vecinos, los porteros, y los vendedores, todos usan la foma de usted. I am probably your parents age, and that may be the difference. My Spanish books say that it is common among young people, especially students, to use the tú form with each other, or with children, but with mabey the exception of Spain, it’s better to use the usted form except with family and close friends. Even though I was real close with mi suegro when he was alive, he always said: “Hola Charles, ¿cómo está usted?”. In fact, he said it so often that I can do his voice with that phrase.


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