10 thoughts on “10 Most Common Spanish Speaking Mistakes [Youtube]”

  1. Muchas Gracias, por su pagina y por su videos. Use sus videos para aumentar me habilidad de attender espanol. Tam bien use sus podcast, y pagina para practar por me examine de mi trabajo in assuntos civiles.

    • Matt, muchísimas gracias por seguirnos y por tus buenas palabras. Estamos haciendo estos videos y Podcasts para ti. Manda un correo si tengas un dudo o algo.

  2. I was very much attracted by the video you made jointly with your Mama with a M.
    sometimes we say: telle fille, telle mere in French. may be : toda hija es como su Madre.

    Your doing great job in explaining Espanol idioma to beginners like me.

    Muchas gracias.

  3. Nate Alger!!

    Alger in French is the capital of Algeria.

    Is Nate of French Origin?


    From Algeria ?


    What’s the link?

    • haha hate to say it Mostafa but the Alger side of my family is 100% British. Algeria h)as always had a special place in my heart though due to my last name. 🙂

  4. Very, very interesting, thanks. Maybe we are apt to make similar mistakes because of the difference between Spanish and English. It seems different when we study Spanish through English or through Japanese. Maybe more helpful for us Japanese through English if we know English well. But it is not always true that the Japanese persons who know Spanish well know English well.


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