419 | Speak Advanced Spanish with ENCONTRAR | 10 Different Uses

✅In this video we will teach you about 6 different uses of the Spanish verb ENCONTRAR. This will help you speak more advanced Spanish.

El verbo ENCONTRAR tiene 6 usos diferentes y aquí aprenderás cuales son. Así mismo, el verbo FIND tiene 5  traducciones diferentes que te explicaremos aquí también. 

🔉¡Si usas estos verbos vas a sonar más como un nativo!

📄Descarga el PDF con las notas y ejemplos aquí:

10 Advanced Spanish Uses of Encontrar - Cheat Sheet [PDF]

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Ahí escucharás conversaciones naturales y aprenderás de los errores de Nate, otro estudiante de español como tú. 

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1 thought on “419 | Speak Advanced Spanish with ENCONTRAR | 10 Different Uses”

  1. I like these podcasts I don’t know how I missed out on these, these last few years.

    The one thing that has kept me from spending more of my time at your schooling is lack of companion translations to english. I can listen and read or follow along and parrot the words for practice when there is a transcript but it is aggravating to have to leave to look up a word and I get lost when I dont understand a phrase and even though There is now very good apps that can translate, to utilize them I have a huge lose of time and now I have an extra expense of subscribing to them. It would be so very nice if I could just read along in English as you ment to present the article. I spend as much time as I can listening to your material but I end up elsewhere exploring trying to satisfy. Interactive sets are nice where you can hear it over and over again but I need to be able to see the text and hear the spanish and see the English for a more proficient learning experience. I like to read out loud to my self so I can correct how I sound in comparasion to the narrator. I hope this is helpfull. Im pretty close now to reaching fluency en reading and I hope soon also in comprehension but there is so little adequate reading material. Pimsleur is great but I only just found out they are now on Audible and I have printed there reading materials off to read from the first time I purchased their materials I wander If the new stuff on Audible reads along to the old literature I will check into it soon. I listened to all five levels of Pimsleur several times because I have a lot of time to listen but now and again I want to read outloud to myself. I find myself glued to your listening material because It is now more my speed but I again want reading material and even with the newest tech I am loosing to much time trying to translate the stuff I don’t understand. ps I have an outlook account with you and now I have been using gmail and today with these podcasts I am now using apple. I will God willing reach fluency. I can’t wait to start learning Mandarin also.


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