333 | Slice y Piece: Tajada, Rebanada, y Porción

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre “a slice” y “a piece”?

Hicimos este episodio para responder una pregunta de un oyente que quiere saber cúal es la forma correcta de decir: “a piece of cheese”, “a slice of pizza”, “a piece o cake”, etc.

Pues, una porción (a piece) se refiere a un pedazo más grueso de algo, y una tajada o rebanada (a slice) se refiere a un pedazo muy delgado de algo.

¡Vamos a escuchar!

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2 thoughts on “333 | Slice y Piece: Tajada, Rebanada, y Porción”

  1. First time commenting but I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while and have learned so much! Thank you for taking the time to do this. My question: you mentioned that pizza is always porción, never rebanada, but when I was in the México City airport a couple of years ago I went looking for something quick to eat for dinner and found a shop selling pizza by the slice. On all the signs advertising the pizza and the price per slice it used the word rebanada. I remember it because that was the first time I had encountered that word. So is there some reason why they used rebanada instead of porción, or was it just a case of native speakers making a mistake in their own language, as everyone does from time to time?

    • Greta, I’ll let Andrea respond, if she can, but my thoughts are every country has completely different slang and words they use for basic things like food so that’s where this Podcast is helpful, but limited as she primarily teaches from a Colombian perspective. 🙂


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