Spanish Immersion Trip – 5 Days in Medellin, Colombia

Spanish Immersion Trip # 1 - In this video you will see all the details about the first Spanish Immersion trip we did with 14 of the students in our PARCERO MEMBERSHIP. This was on the third week of February, 2019 (Feb 18-22). Our students had the opportunity to experience Colombia and practice their Spanish.

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4 thoughts on “Spanish Immersion Trip – 5 Days in Medellin, Colombia”

    • Hola Robbie, thanks so much for reaching out! We actually don’t have a school in Medellin, we just occassionally due immersion trips. 🙂

  1. Me gusta el día de descubrir arte el los paredes de cuidad. El visite de la granja de café era interesante también


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