Listening Comprehension

Lesson #1 | Welcome & Getting Started

Lesson 1

Welcome to the Listening Comprehension Mini-Course

Take a look below at everything that's included.


Here's what to Expect

Want to learn the best way (we know of) to start understanding native Spanish speakers?

We believe Active Listening is the best method you can use to improve your Spanish Listening Comprehension.

It's so important that we decided to create a short Free Mini-Course for you!

Through two teaching videos and two audio resources we will show you how you can start improving your Spanish listening comprehension.

By following this process, you will start to gain a greater understanding of Spanish speakers with more clarity as you notice your comprehension improving.

Here's what's included in the mini-course...

Lesson #2 | What is Active Listening? (and why you should be using it...)

Duration: 6m 32s

In this short video lesson Andrea teaches what active listening is and how you can use it to improve your listening comprehension through focused Spanish study.

**Everyone who completes the short mini-course get's a special bonus at the end.**

Lesson #3 | How You can start using active listening to improve your comprehension

Duration: 26min 8sec

In this video, Andrea provides a practical on screen demonstration of how you can implement active listening into your Spanish study routine.

Active listening is a simple and effective process if done correctly!

Audio Resource | Episodios 1 & 2 - Bajo el Sol del Verano

Duration: 8min 26 Sec

In this course, we give you the first two episodes from our 14-episode series, Bajo el Sol del Verano.

In these first two episodes you can put your active listening skills to the test as we provide you with all the resources you need to learn from the audio.

This is the section where you apply what you learned with our short downloadable audios.

Lesson #4 | Gracias and Bonus Resource

Duration: 3min 27sec

In this final video, Andrea has a special thank you gift for completing the Listening Comprehension Course.

She also provides some final instructions for how you can continue onward to improving your listening skills.  

If you would like to partner with us in your learning, we have the perfect plan for you!

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