Listening Comprehension

Lesson #3 | How You Can Use Active Listening to Improve Your Comprehension

Lesson 3

Watch the video above as Andrea describes the 7 steps that you can begin implementing to start active listening.

Once you finish watching the video, make sure to check out the outline below with a refresher of the 7 steps.

In addition, we also want you to have the 7 Steps Cheat Sheet PDF.

Download it and print it out if you like.

Active Listening in 7 Steps!

1) Listen and read.

2) Listen and read while looking for unknown words
and expressions (underline/circle/highlight them).

  • Stop and study what you don’t know (Take notes!)

  • Write new phrases using the words and expressions
    in the same context/other contexts

3) Listen and read the transcript with vocabulary
and expressions highlighted (x2).

4) Understand what is being said: Answer questions about it.

  • Multiple choice questions – answer them as you listen

5) Paraphrase (summarize) what you heard.

  •  Write down what was said using your own words

6) Highlight the main facts of the story / dialogue / speech / etc.

  • Write down a list of the main facts

7) Learn from it (Use the vocabulary and phrases
learned in other contexts).

  • Write down phrases using what you learned in different contexts and look for synonyms and other uses and meanings

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