Listening Comprehension

Lesson #2 | What is Active Listening?

Lesson 2

Below you see a summary of what we taught in this lesson (video).

We also put some questions to ponder as to why and if Active Listening is right for you.

Active Listening - Why and When to Use

1) ¿Qué es Active Listening?

What's the difference between passive listening and active listening?

Are you focused when listening to Spanish speakers?

2) ¿Por qué debes hacer Active Listening?

How could could implementing active listening help you in your Spanish studies?

What's are some advantages to using active listening?

3) ¿Qué obtienes tú cuando haces Active Listening?

How will your ability to understand native speakers change after using this listening technique?

Do you think you would learn some new vocabulary?

Think about why you think active listening could be helpful to you before moving on to lesson 3.

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