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I'm really glad I stumbled upon Spanishland School and Españolistos. I think what you and Andrea have created is incredibly unique and inspiring. I feel like I've learned more and improved listening comprehension faster in the last 2 years than bumbling around for the past 2 years. Anyway, very well done, congrats and thank you!

Jason Bakewell

Nebraska, USA

Here’s what everyone is saying about Spanishland Schools Teaching...

I LOVE LOVE Spanishland ... I really think it's the absolute BEST.

This is the 1st time I actually feel like I'm "getting it" / making progress.

Desiree Navarro

Spanishland Student

You have helped me so much and I have learned so much. You guys are really the best.

Kenya Jackmon

Spanishland Student

Over the last few years I've gone from a hesitant, broken speaker with limited vocabulary and virtually no grammar knowledge to a confident communicator in Spanish. I am SO grateful for Andrea's excellent, clear teaching, the well-developed learning aids, and the support from all directions.

Sally Martinez

Spanishland Student

Andrea is pure genius as a teacher:  without ever speaking down to listeners, she always manages to communicate key learning concepts in plain, easy to comprehend words  -- always pronounced with crystalline clarity at just the right pace, whether she is speaking in Spanish (almost all the time) or English.

Bill Zoffer

Spanishland Student

More Success Stories...

He estado aprendiendo español durante un año y medio y he visto muchos pódcast y videos de Internet de otros profesores. Pero en Andrea y Nate encontré lo que buscaba:

¡Esta plataforma que han creado Andrea y Nate es impecable, bien organizada y totalmente profesional!

Eva Batt

Spanishland Student - GERMANY

I absolutely love being a parcero and I'm grateful for all that you have taught me and all that you will continue to teach me.  

Your school has been the best thing that has happened to me in many many years. I truly am grateful for you both and will continue to shout your praises from the mountain tops!

Mark Wood

Spanishland Student - USA