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As a special one time offer to you and a thank you for joining our Subjunctive Immersion Workshop we are offering our Parcero Membership at 25% off the monthly price when purchased for a year in advance.

You can purchase the yearly membership pass with the blue button below. You are free to cancel at any time.

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Nate and Andrea

Do you really want to improve your Spanish?

If so, you need 3 things:

Perseverance    +     Routine    +     Structure

We want you to succeed in your journey with Spanish and for that reason we created a program that combines all 3 of these key components that guarantee your ÉXITO.

We lay out all the details of the membership below... But first, we have a few important questions for you to ponder...

  • Have ever felt like you don't know what to study next?
  • Do you feel stuck in the Intermediate Plateau not sure if you are still making progress?
  • Are you looking for a Expert/Guide to help you get where you want to be?
  • Are you missing structure and consistency in your learning?
  • Do you want a plan that can help you reach your Spanish goals in half the time?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions above we think you are a perfect fit for the Parcero Membership!

¡Conviértete en nuestro PARCERO hoy!

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What Our Students Have Said...

We're here to help you achieve your goals and to walk with you each step of the way throughout your Spanish journey!

We know that over time you can make consistent progress with us if you stick with it and stay focused.

But don't just take our word for it:

Clay Bolt - Bozeman, Montana, USA

I took an intensive Spanish class with Andrea this summer. Before this class, I was struggling to read Winny the Pooh in Spanish, and I gave up on ever attempt to read Harry Potter.

After this seven week summer intensive class, I can now read Harry Potter and Jane Austen in Spanish, and pick out subjunctive tenses.

Rachelle Lappinen - Massachusetts, USA

What is it?

It's an organized, well structured study plan that will help you to be consistent, stay focused, and move forward in your Spanish goals.

We seek to save you hours each week with a structured plan to work at your own pace.

Stop struggling to figure out what to focus on next. We have a plan for you!

What does it contain?

You will have access to the membership platform where you have all the material organized for you.

Each month contains 8 activities including one live class and another recorded class.  Replays will be saved.

All the answers for the activities and quizzes are provided in the system to make sure you are learning from your mistakes.

When does it start?

The next course material will be released at the beginning of next month.

It will begin with a live class spoken at both an Intermediate pace and an Advanced pace.

What's Included Each Month?

Here's a rundown of what to expect on the inside.


Week 1 Live Class on Topic of the Month

On the first Wednesday of every month I will be hosting a one our live class based on that months material.


Spanish Video Related to Monthly Theme

Learning materials for a unique Spanish movie which includes a PDF Cheat Sheet (vocab, expressions, grammar), practice exercises, and answers.


Documentary Video Related to Theme

Handpicked Spanish Documentary that includes a PDF Cheat Sheet (vocab, expressions, grammar), practice exercises, and answer sheet.


Dialogue With Native Spanish Speakers

Each 7-10 minute dialogue in Spanish will include a PDF Transcript in English and Spanish, a PDF Cheat Sheet (vocab, expressions, grammar), practice exercises (quizzes), and an answer sheet.


Recorded Class on Topic of the Month

Each month we will release a recorded teaching class based off of that months teaching material (topic). This is a follow up to the live class.


Spanish Article With Audio Reading

We will release an article with the PDF transcript in English & Spanish, a PDF Cheat Sheet (vocab, expressions, grammar), along with practice exercises (multiple choice questions) with the answers.


Exclusive Spanish Teaching Video

Each month you will get access to an exclusive video from a PowerPoint presentation, whiteboard, or regular video just for our Parceros.


End of the Month Exam on the Material

We will have a comprehensive exam based off of the teaching so you can walk away from each month knowing you made progress.

What's the plan?

We want you to be able to do 2 activities per week to improve your grammar and listening along with your vocabulary and confidence in the language.

On the platform, you will see that each activity has a suggested date, so you can do it on that day or just do them both on the weekend, whatever works best for you.

The goal is that by the end of the day on Sunday each week, you will have completed 2 activities. You will feel proud that you have achieved something that week and excited to move forward. 

Spanishland School

How much time do I need per week?

This program has been designed in a way that it will work for anyone that has 2-3 hours a week on average.

Week 1 features a Live Class, but if you can’t make it you can watch the replay on the platform. In addition, we will also do other live trainings.

Standard vs. Premium Membership

Both the Standard & Premium packages include everything above. Premium also includes:

  • Short weekly writing assignments with corrections and feedback from a Spanish instructor.
  • You will get personalized message and coaching on how you can improve.
  • Great for those looking for more individualized support.
love phrases in Spanish

Is the Parcero Membership Right for You?


  • You already have at least a lower Intermediate level of Spanish fluency and understand some spoken Spanish
  • You are looking for a consistent, structured study plan each month
  • You are tired of spending countless hours feeling lost in the language struggling to see progress
  • You want an experienced teacher to help with questions
  • You are looking for an authentic Spanish community to plug into


  • You are a beginner level Spanish student just starting to understand Spanish words being spoken
  • You don't enjoy learning through a structured plan or appoach
  • You're looking for an easy solution (without doing the work)
  • You aren't ready to invest in your learning at this time

I loved the Spanish Intensive. The dialogues in the Spanishland School Series "Bajo el sol Del Verano" are fantastic, and really enhance the learning experience. They are a great way to practice listening at the pace you would experience with native Spanish speakers. They are extremely useful!

Yole Anna Russo

Boston, Massachusetts USA

What Former Students have had to say...

I found Spanishland School's Dialogues to be very helpful in my journey to achieve fluency. It really helps develop that all-important listening comprehension. 

I highly recommend it!

Josh Powell

It is a real confidence booster to realize that I have mastered a specific component of the language. 

It is not just “hit and miss.”

Chris McCaskill

Spanishland's conversations make sense of the Spanish language, and are a much more enjoyable way of learning the language than trying to memorize a million rules and names of tenses.

Adam Jason

Sobre Nuestras Profesoras...

Andrea Alger

Hi, I’m Andrea.

Andrea is a certified Spanish and ESL teacher with a degree in linguistics. She has given thousands of lessons to adults of all ages, students, and even small children. 

She knows what Spanish learners struggle with and does her best to make every lesson fun and engaging. You will quickly see she's a natural born teacher.




You are fully protected by our 100% Moneyback Guarantee.

Try us out for for a month and if you don't like the membership or material you can get a 100% full refund of everything you paid.

You are free to cancel the membership at any time to stop the monthly billing. We only ask that you pay for the latest month (after the first month)

We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to try it out and see if it is what they are looking for. Everyone that purchases gets a 100% Moneyback Guarantee.


Here are some common questions about becoming a Parcero (member)

Can I try it out and ask for a refund later?

Why should I choose your membership over others?

Do you have any other questions?

How long is the commitment?

How is the coursework released?

How long do I have access to the materials?

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