Spanishland School Podcast – COMING SOON!

TheSpanishland School Podcast is currently in production. We are hoping to have it released soon with the transcripts available free to download.

This podcast will be similar to the Youtube videos and include a lot of the same content to teach in this different format. Andrea will be teaching on various topics from Spanish pronunciation mistakes to different types of slang in Latin American.

You are guaranteed to learn something new from Andrea in each short 7-12 minute episode.

Look for this Podcast to be released soon!

Españolistos Podcast

ESPANOLISTOS - Podcast Cover

Españolistos was the first Podcast that we created. It is a conversational Podcast spoken in Latin American Spanish recommended for intermediate to advanced language learners. The conversations are 99% in Spanish so you can focus on your listening comprehension.

The topics are fun and interesting, sometimes controversial, and always educational. We believe that discussing deep and meaningful topics will increase your vocabulary as you learn new and practical words for everyday living.

Andrea (Colombian Spanish Teacher) and Nate (American with some fluency) engage in lively conversations that run around 30 min long each episode. At times, they bring in a native Spanish speaker for an interview. From time to time Andrea corrects Nate's pronunciation mistakes.

We hope you like our Podcast! 🙂

Check out our site at and let us know what topic you want us to discuss next!

4 thoughts on “Spanishland School Podcast – COMING SOON!”

  1. Looooooove the espanolistos podcast! It is super helpful to work on my listening comprehension and learn new vocabulary with the different topics! I sincerely hope you complete your goal of doing 50 episodes, or maybe more!

    • Hi Chelsey, thanks so much for taking the time to say you enjoy the Podcast and find it helpful! We have much, much more in store for this coming year. Take care!


  2. I love your podcasts and they have helped my listening and vocab, also love that you can get the transcript. your live class on indirect and direct objects was also so helpful as I struggle with this but my internet dropped out a lot and I wondered is it possible to watch this again?


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