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Here's what's included if you decide to purchase the previous material:

September 2018 Course

9 lessons with the theme: Hay, Hubo, Y Habia & Presente, Pasado, y Futuro Perfecto.

October 2018 Course

8 lessons focused on Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns.

November 2018 Course

Learn all about past tenses as November was focused on the Preterite vs. Imperfect.

December 2018 Course

Do you struggle with the subjunctive? Learn all about the subjunctive with these 8 lessons.

January 2019 Course

The theme is focused on Subjuntivo Imperfecto y Subjuntivo Pluscuamperfecto.

February 2019 Course

8 lessons focused on responding back to someone in Spanish (Reported Speech).

March 2019 Course

Do you struggle with using Spanish prepositions like de, con, and en? Master Spanish prepositions in this course.

April 2019 Course

Continuing the theme from the month prior, you can learn all about verbs with prepositions in this course.

May 2019 Course

In this months lessons, work on your uses of por vs. para and restaurant vocabulary.

June 2019 Course

Learn all about the different uses of "Se" and how to best use reflexive verbs.

July 2019 Course

Here you will learn all about the 10 verbos con varios usos and vocab at an airport.

August 2019 Course

This months lessons are all about the tricky Spanish subjunctive.

September 2019 Course

Master the imperative tense and how to give directions, orders, and suggestions.

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