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Spanishland School es un programa excelente. Es exactamente lo que yo he deseado por mucho tiempo. 

Para mi, es perfecto.

Ofrece lecciones bien organizadas y explicadas con muchas actividades diferentes e interesantes. Aprecio los recursos interesantes y los podcasts estimulantes.

Valerie Leal
Parcero Student

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Praise and Testimonials

I'm really glad I stumbled upon Spanishland School and Espanolistos. 

I feel like I've learned more and improved listening comprehension faster in the last 2 years than bumbling around for the past 2 years.

Jason Bakewell

I listen to both Spanishland podcasts -- 10-Minute Tips (with Andrea), and Espanolistos (with both Andrea and Nate).  

Both absolutely rock! 

Bill Zoffer

I have learned more in my 9 months in Spanishland School than I have learned in years using other resources including formal classes!

Victoria Schindler

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Spanishland School

Andrea Alger

Hi, I'm Andrea

Andrea is a certified Spanish and ESL teacher with a degree in linguistics. She has given thousands of lessons to adults of all ages, students, and even small children.

She knows what Spanish learners struggle with and does her best to make every lesson fun and engaging. You will quickly see she's a natural born teacher.

Andrea Alger


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